Minecraft Beta 1.5 Preview

Moin Freunde!

Ich habe gerade dieses Video entdeckt. Es zeigt eine erste Preview zur neuen Minecraft Beta 1.5 .
Es ist kaum ein paar Tage her, da kam die 1.4_01 raus. Schön zu sehen, dass es so schnell geht!

Besonders toll finde ich die Archivement-Statistiken.
Ich weiß nur noch nicht, ob der Schnee/Regen störend sind! :/
Aber solange es nicht ununterbrochen regnet, geht es ja! 🙂

Mal schauen, wann sie erscheint!

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4 Responses to Minecraft Beta 1.5 Preview

  1. I’ve seen hundreds of videos of minecraft being uploaded. Everybody seems to be on it. I’m thinking of downloading it but i dont know what you do or what it is, so if you have minecraft please let me know what you think of it and what you do and why its fun. . Thanks!.

    • kill0rz says:


      After buying Minecraft at http://www.minecraft.net/ (after registrering account) you will be able to download an file called „Minecraft.exe“. This exe will automaticly download (and update) everything needed.
      Now, Minecraft will start. You will be able to play in singeplayer- oder multiplayer-mode.

      Minecraft is a simple game but a lot of fun!
      It is now descripable why, but it is; trust in me!

      Just start playing, you will see why! 😉

      With greetings,

  2. Merlyn says:

    OMG Minecraft is awesome, even as it could be a 90s game I am totally addicted. Best thing is the specs are fine for my notebook so I run around in the world of Notch everywhere. However I have a question and Minecraft Beta 1.5 Preview | kill0rz’s Blog looks like a relevant website so hopefully somebody has the answer. Can anyone give me advice how to setup my own LAN-Minecraft server? Thank you so much. kisses Merlyn

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