Remove Spy- And Windows 10-Updates Automatically Without Restarting

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We have got something to discuss. Micorosft keeps deploying Spy- and Windows 10-Updates on computers running Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 even if they were hidden by user. This is out of question and we have to fight against this behavior,  cause nobody wants to have Windows 10 voluntary.

In the German version of this article there is a large placeholder text here which basically only contains some emotional shit and insults concerning Microsoft. For English people this is unnecessary, so let’s get down to business:

First we need to give ourselves the rights  to execute our own code – well played, Microsoft! clap

  1. open start menu and type „powershell“
  2. right click on the item and run as administrator
  3. now, when you have the console open, type „Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted“ (without the quotes, of course ^^) (not the best solution – if you have a better one, please leave a comment!)
  4. now download the script (download is below) and navigate to the download destination using the cd command
  5. now execute the script with .\Windows_7_8_8.1_violent_update_remover_by_kill0rz_1.0.ps1

The script now first uninstalls the violent updates, then performs a search for new updates for your Windows and finally hides the uninstalled updates.

That’s it! Now you should have your rest.
This was my first international blogpost. If you think future posts would be useful in English language as well as in German one, please leave a comment or upvote this article using the button in the right bottom corner.

Greetings from your international kill0rz.



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